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How To Deal With The Service Error 79 With HP LaserJet Pro 400

hp printer error 79

Are you facing the hp laserjet pro 400 printer error 79? 79 service error on Hp LaserJet Pro 400 has this problem in common. This error message comes to you when the printing is corrupted.  HP detects this HP error 79 code as the critical hardware error occurrence. The printer may have accessories which are defective. The defect can be of the memory card or the input output device or even a firmware issue. So the main solution of this 79 service error is to update the firmware. Or else the accessories have to be removed and re- inserted.

HP 79 Service Error – Solve It By Yourself

So how the solution can be done easily? Here we explain it in stepwise for you assistance. Most of the time the Hp printer 79 service error shows the error in two different ways: 1. Error 79 turn off and then on. 2. Error 79 service error turns off then on. This means an unsupported DIMM that was probably installed in the printer.

And when you see these errors you don’t know what to do next.

Sudden Error Can Be Solved By This Step

The first thing that should be done for the HP 79 service error is to turn the printer off. Don’t turn it on for at least 30 secs. Wait for few seconds. Then turn on the printer. Wait and give the time to initialize. In case you are using power surge protector, then obviously remove it. It is then instructed to plug the printer directly to the socket and turn it on. Sometimes still the Hp error 79 persists. So what will you do then?

Persistent Error Needs Updating

It is better then to disconnect any of the USB or network cables attached with it. Let the printer comes to the ready status. Here you should check the firmware version. As the hp error 79 can also persist due to the outdated firmware, so check that out too. May be the version is the outdated one.  To check the firmware version, print a configuration report from the control panel of the printer. Otherwise the Hp support page can be visited to get the latest version. When you are doing so, disconnect the printer form any computer or any other device that it is connected. A test print task has to be performed after all the disconnection of the devices. The print jobs form any computer should also be deleted to get the right printing without the 79 service error.

How To Get The Latest Firmware Version Of 79 Service Error HP Laserjet Pro 400?

To get the latest version of the firmware you can easily follow these steps :

  1. After turning the printer off, switch it on
  2. Connect the printer with any cable or Ethernet to get the internet connection
  3. On the control panel, click the network icon
  4. Connect it with your home network with the IP address.
  5. Then come back to the home page and go to the setting icon.
  6. Update the printer model and make sure you get the latest version.
  7. Download the latest URL and install it to continue with the latest version.

Thus, after you get the latest version of the firmware, the HP printer 79 service error vanishes. You can be able to print again in proper way without any issue. Now the printer is totally activated with the new updates. Make sure the cartridge is also full to get the printing.

Get The Technical Help For HP 79 Service Error

Many a time a non-technical person is not able to undergo such huge process. In offices the assistance of the technical person becomes essential. So in case you need the help, contact the HP customer care or support. They are at your help within a phone. The toll-free number of the HP office is being provided here:

Toll-free HP printer technical support phone number: +18448530222. The number should be prefixed with the local STD code. The language spoken is English and Hindi. Thus get their help and solve the issues called 79 service error hp laserjet pro 400 in the right way. Over the past few years, we are always focusing on best ever customer service related to our entire hp product. Here for you, our team will be happy to give quality guidelines for the maintenance.

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