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May 28, 2018
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The HP Printer Error Code List And How To Fix Them

hp printer error code list

There are times when you are trying to print from hp laser printers and you are shown various error messages or hp printer error code list. There is nothing to be scared of, if you see one of those error messages being displayed by your printer. The hp phone number is easy to get as well. To make your printer work normally again, these error codes should be troubleshot as soon as possible. This will make your printer work normally, however as long as you are not troubleshooting them your printing action will come to a standstill. Let’s take a look at the hp printer error codes and the possible ways in which you can fix them.


More About The Hp Printer Error Code List

  • Numeric Error Codes 0- 19 – What these codes basically mean is that the paper got jammed at the specific location. If you clear all the paper jams and still the message persist then the sensor lever must be broken or stuck. The way to fix it is quite easy, simply remove the jammed paper in the specific location > open and then close to cover so that the message gets cleared > check all the sensors in the path so that the operation takes place correctly. That’s if you have fixed the error.
  • Numeric Error Codes 20- 49 – What these errors basically mean is that the printer has received far more data than what it can accommodate. Otherwise, the data is too complex to decipher or the paper size is different from what the printer was expecting. To solve these kinds of problems pres the go button and the error message will automatically get cleared. It will, however, print the data; you can try to give more onboard memory to the printer, as for the paper size problem feed the printer with the paper of the right dimensions that it is expecting.
  • Numeric Error Codes 50- 59 – These hp error codes mean some fuser error has occurred or else there is some issue with the line voltage given to the printer. For this you need to remove your printer from the UPS power supply > plug your printer into any wall outlets and check if the problem is gone > if not try to use another power source that in no way is in contact with the one you were using> inspect the line voltage at the location of the printer and check if it complies with the electrical specifications. Adjust it accordingly and your problem will be solved in no time.
  • Numeric Error Codes 60 Onwards – If these error messages are shown then there might be a problem with the memory of the printer. In that case, you need to reset the DIMM as soon as possible. Otherwise, if that doesn’t help you will have to replace the DIMM that you were presently using. These errors can also mean that any kind of scan buffer error has occurred. In this case, a cold reset needs to be performed. If the message still remains you will have to replace the firmware. That will make the error go away and you can print freely once again.
  • Text Error Messages A- Z – As in case of the text error messages the exact error will be written on the screen. So that way you would know what’s the issue and solve it immediately. It is really easy to troubleshoot these text error messages as everything remains written there it, sometimes with instructions.


Fixing Printer Issues!

Such hp printer error is commonly found by the users and one can troubleshoot them easily by following these steps. However, if you are facing a lot of error issues with your printer lately then consider consulting us for hp technical support. We are surely going to make all of these error messages go away in no time and you can resume your work once again. Call on our toll-free hp printer tech support phone number, and our highly professional technicians will take care of all these problems at any time. It’s also cheap to contact hp printer tech support. No need to panic if you see these messages being displayed as you can easily figure out what do now by calling +18448530222!


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