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Facing Issues In Charging Your HP Laptop? Try These Tricks!

hp laptop not charging

Most of the working people charge their laptops daily and electronic devices run into problems once in a while. One of the commonly encountered problems is that of the HP pavilion battery not charging. If you observe the hp laptop not charging or the battery failing to supply power to notebook then troubleshooting of battery is must to see if it needs replacement. Generally speaking, the battery problem is certain when the battery indicator of your HP Laptop is not glowing or blinking continuously. Your laptop functions well when plugged in for charging and fails to remain switched ON when not plugged in.

If Your Hp Laptop Is Not Charging, Here’s The Reason Why!

 Remember the battery performance decreases with time and usually last for not more than 5 years. The performance depends on a variety of factors such as hard configuration, running apps, battery saver settings, and other product features. The official warranty that is given by the company obviously does not cover the natural deterioration of the battery. Instead, the warranty is given on defects in materials or faulty manufacturing causing its failure. When you contact customer care for your HP laptop not charging you may be asked to run HP diagnostic test first to gauge if at your battery falls under warranty. Here are a few tips for resolving your issue:

This Method Is Concerned With Only Validating The Failure Of Your HP Laptop Battery Not Charging:

Step 1 – Before performing any troubleshooting for HP battery not charging, you must also ensure that your power supply is working fine.

Step 2 – It is advisable to plug the adapter ONLY into the wall outlet and not through a power strip or surge protector or any secondary power source. You must also verify that the power adaptor you are using meets the requirements of the laptop.

Step 3 – Remove the AC plug from your laptop and then take out the battery. Now plug back the AC power input and switch on the device. If your HP laptop successfully switches on then the problem is with the battery.

Following This Method, You Can Easily Validate The Working Of Adapter. Here Are The Simple Steps To Do It Right:

Step 1 – Firstly, ensure that the system is well connected with the adapter and wall outlet.

Step 2 – Now press the power button and hold it until your laptop switches OFF completely.

Step 3 – Now you must turn ON your laptop and press F2 key immediately repeatedly in every one second until the UEFI Hardware Diagnostics shows up on the screen.

Step 4 – Go to Component Tests in the main menu of UEFI.

Step 5 – Under this, select Power and then in Power Menu click on the AC Adapter Test. Next, you run the test and follow the on screen instructions. Once the test is over the result will be displayed.

Step 6 – If the result says the test is passed then there is no problem with the AC adapter.

Step 7 – If your adapter fails the test then you must check if your product is eligible for exchange under warranty. If not then you must buy the genuine replacements from their official stores online or offline.

This Method Is Another Way To Troubleshoot Your Battery:

Step 1 – Remove the battery from your laptop and check if there is damage on the contact points of the battery. Also, unplug all the USB devices and you must unplug the AC cable and insert the battery back into the compartment.

Step 2 – Through the AC wall outlet charge your laptop for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 3 – Unplug the power adapter cord from your laptop and switch on your laptop intact with battery.

Step 4 – If your laptop switches ON without any issues then the battery is functioning. If it doesn’t then you need a replacement.

Get Expert Help For Your System From HP Laptop Tech Support Team

Several issues lead to failure of your laptop battery. The above methods are quick guides to resolve issues on your own. If the problem still persists then you should get HP laptop support from our professionals. Call us today on   +1-844-853-0222  and contact the HP laptop tech support team.

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