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Fixing The Problem When Your HP Laptop Won’t Boot Up!

hp laptop wont boot up

The HP laptops consist of a variety of troubleshooting and resetting tools for the situations when a problem arises. This also includes when the devices do not co-operate or function properly, like the hp laptop wont boot up and you cannot access your essential files. The procedure of power button reset needs your battery of the laptop to be removed so that the process gets completed correctly giving you effective results.

Wondering why hp laptop wont boot up? Well, some factors result in your laptop to not turning on. So if your hp laptop not starting then you need to find out that whether the light is turning on but your system is failing to boot or is the light turning on but there is no screen activity, or your system is turning on but continuously beeping.

Steps To Take When A Laptop Won’t Boot Up!

Easy steps with the help of which you can reset your laptop and fix hp laptop won’t boot issue without going to the service centers:

  1. If your HP laptop is switched on, turn it off and close the lid as well. Make sure your laptop is disconnected, and all the cables along with the accessories are detached from the laptop including the wireless keyboard and the mouse along with externally attached flash drives, hard drives, and the digitally secured memory cards. You need to unplug the power adapter of your laptop and turn your system.
  2. Make sure you have removed the battery pack from your laptop. The battery of your laptop consists of a releasing latch that will help you to lock and open the battery position. You can slide the key to unlock the battery and take it out.
  3. After that, press withhold the power button on your HP laptop for about 15 seconds and leave the button then.
  4. Connect your laptop power adapter again.
  5. Now again press the power button on your laptop to start the system with the laptop battery at rest not intact. The laptop will start to boot up, and you will see a status lights illuminated on the front. The Windows Splash and HP screen will be seen, and the operating system of Windows will start loading. The HP laptop will be reset when you see windows desktop.
  6. You need to click on the start and shutdown so that you can switch the laptop off after you have seen the desktop of Windows. You need to reinstall the battery of your laptop after shutdown process gets completed. After this, you can turn the HP laptop using the same system and your hp laptop won’t start up windows 10 issue will be solved.


Things You Will Require When Your PC Won’t Boot:

  • VGA monitor External

Wondering why my hp laptop won’t start up? If you notice that the front lights status of your HP laptop is blinking slowly, but your monitor is still blank, you need to plug the end of an external monitor’s VGA cable’s connector into VGA port that is present on the backside or in the side of the laptop and start the desktop screen if your laptop display seems faulty.

Things To Do When Hp Pavilion Laptop Black Screen Is Displayed

In a situation where your hp pavilion won’t start you need to press function key that consists of an icon to activate an external monitor. You can find out that the external monitor’s display is displaying the windows flash screen or that of the HP or you are viewing windows desktop, you need to send your laptop’s monitor for servicing.

Calling Up The Professionals!

Likewise, there are a lot of complications that will show up when your system stops functioning, you need to know first what your system problems are or you can call the hp laptop support number as well.

If you find that the external monitor’s display blank, you should consider that either the monitor of your laptop or the mechanism sending information to monitor is the thing to be concerned for and your computer all together needs servicing. You need to contact the authorized HP laptop support for repair or call us at our toll-free number whenever you need help regarding all sorts of repair at +18448530222.

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