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How To Handle The HP Printer 49 Service Error

hp printer 49 service error

Often the user of the HP laser printer complains of an issue. The hp printer 49 service error is displayed over the control panel. This Hp error 49 is commonly seen in the HP Laserjet and HP page wide printer model. But what is this issue?

49 Service Error On HP Printer – Know About The Error Type

The hp printer error 49 tells about the firmware communication. It is being indicated by the 49. Sometimes there are also some alphabets that are available. These alphabets are variable values. The hp printer error 49 can be of two types: 1. Intermittent 49 errors: this error occurs only during a part of the time. The printer is alternating between functioning properly and not function properly. It is the error of that intermittent. This intermittent error is being solved by just turning off the printer and switching it on again. Thus it can be solved instantly. 2. Persistent 49 service error on Hp printerthis error comes again and again and comes repeatedly. They cannot be solved by just switching off and on. Even after turning off and on, the problem still persists for a longer period of time. So here we find these two types of error. But why such problem arises? There is some reason behind getting such issue in the printer while using it.

Cause Of The HP Printer 49 Service Error

The main reason behind this hp 49 service error is that the printer tries to perform any function beyond its limit. When the printer is being used for any function that the firmware cannot do then these kinds of error are shown. That can be due to the firmware not capable of or maybe it is not designed to do so. The command may be like 1. Files are given for printing which is not supported by the printing commands 2. Getting interfaced with a third party who is not being planned to work with the printer 3. Network traffic, coinciding with processing tasks or the timing may be a problem too.

So the hp 49 service error can arise due to many reasons. Detecting the problem can help to get rid of the problem easily and conveniently. While manufacturing the printers, Hp tests the firmware issues again and again. The error thus can arise due to the end user’s application and operation. According to the HP, the error is not faced if operated properly.

How To Get Over The Issue About HP 49 Service Error At Home Or Office

But still, if you are facing this hp 49 service error, then follow these steps to recover the printer.

  1. When you first watch this kind of error, turn off the printer. Then switch it on or power cycle.
  2. If you still see the error is persistent, then print and event log. This would indicate the frequency of the error occurring. If the frequency is one or less in a week then it is not at all alarming. It can be like the error of paper jam. So there is no need to take any help as it will never injure the technicalities of the printer. But it the number if more than that, surely take it seriously.
  3. In the case, the hp 49 service error is repeating again and again, then enable the Auto recovery option. It can be done through the control panel or the embedded web Service or EWS. Most of these options are enabled on default. Many a time it has been seen that when viewing the 49 service error, the printer automatically power cycle. Thus automatically it gets recovered. The users’ interaction is least needed.

Enabling The Auto Recovery Option For The Error 49 Help

In case the Auto-recovery is not being enabled: open the Future smart 3: administration>management Future smart 4: setting> general

Then select the Auto recovery options and enable and save. This would hopefully solve the hp error 49. Still, if the error persists then it can be the persistent error and needs troubleshooting.

HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number Is Here For Your Help

If you need further assistance for hp printer error 49, here with us you can get the best ever way out to resolve your technical problem. All you need to do is to contact our technical team who will assist you online with the best ever solution. How to reach them? Call on hp printer tech support toll-free phone number +18448530222. The team of technicians is always there to help you with all the problems.

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