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Hp Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi ? Here’s What You Must Do!

hp laptop wont connect to wifi

The Wi-Fi connection these days are certainly everywhere and is available at every place. Still, sometimes there are issues like hp laptop wont connect to wifi. People have been so acquainted with Wi-Fi and internet connection along with gaming, work, and all the other types of networking that it has become an important part of everyone’s life. And everybody wishes and prays that Wi-Fi works all the time. Some of the best ways to fix the Wi-Fi signals if it won’t connect your system are listed below:

  1. Turn On The Wi-Fi Signals On Your Laptop

Most of the laptops come with a Wi-Fi button these days or you can also use the function key to switch on the Wi-Fi signals to on and off. If your hp laptop not picking up Wi-Fi, look for the below mentioned guidelines:

  • If your laptop comes with a Wi-Fi button it must be on the keyboard or somewhere on the sides, if you press the button for once, you can turn the Wi-Fi on and off.
  • If you have a laptop that uses function keys to operate the Wi-Fi signals like F3, F12, etc, you need to press the Fn keys and then the Function keys to turn the Wi-Fi on and off simultaneously.

Some of the laptop systems come with on/off switches for Wi-Fi

  • If your laptop comes with on/off switches, you need to simply flip the buttons.
  • There are some laptop systems where pressing the Wi-Fi button would turn on or off the airplane modes. When your airplane modes are off, you can turn on the Wi-Fi.
  1. Look For An Wi-Fi Icon

Search for the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right side corner of your laptop or computer screen.

  • If your system does not have an internet connection icon, you need to make the icon visible.
  1. Making The Internet Connection Icon Visible

  • Press on the show hidden icons arrow that you saw on the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Click on the customize option
  • Keep scrolling to look for the internet connection option
  • Now, change the behavior of the hide icon and the notifications to show the icon and notifications
  • Press the ok button.
  1. Look If Your Wi-Fi Icon Or Ethernet Connection Is On

  • If you have a Wi-Fi icon, there are chances that the problem of certainly with your internet or with the internet service provider.
  • If your system has an Ethernet connection button, you might have a problem with your network connection card.
  1. If You Have A Working Wi-Fi, And You Can Access All Other Wi-Fi Networks, But Your Connection At Home Is Not Operating:

  • You need to unplug all the cords connected to your internet
  • Wait for 1 minute and
  • Plug the cords back
  • Your Wi-Fi will get reset and might fix your problem as well
  • If still the problem occurs, you can contact the internet service provider
  1. If You Have An Ethernet Connection Icon But Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi:

Look for the options if you are able to set up the Wi-Fi connection

  • You need to right click on the icon of Ethernet connection
  • Now, select the open networking and sharing center option
  • Search for the set up a new connection or network option
  • Select the connect to the internet option
  • Press the next button
  1. Check The Off Show Connection Options That The System Is Not Set Up To Use

If you get an option for the wireless Wi-Fi connection, try setting up the connection for a wireless system

  • If all the options available for you are the broadband or dial-up, click on the cancel option and close the window. You need to do the troubleshooting processes.

Call A Professional Today!

You can restart the router or replace it because at times even the routers show the problems and you think the problem is with your phone. When you think you have stuck anywhere or  your hp laptop wont connect to wifi ,you can always contact the hp laptop support and get your issues cleared. You need to check your network address and see it has the self-assigned range mode on or not. Contact our hp laptop tech support team at +18448530222 for any enquiry.

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