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Things You Can Try For A Complete HP Laptop Recovery

hp laptop recovery

Did your HP laptop crash the other day? Do not worry. This article will help you to know about the various techniques of HP laptop recovery, following which can bring your personal computer back to you. Keep following the report and pay attention to the details that will be discussed below.

Method 1

Reset an HP Laptop Without Recovery CD’s is the first method that is simple to follow. It involves the resetting of the laptop even if you do not have any recovery CDs. If you have a new HP laptop model, then you will not get a recovery disk, and thus you will need to use the recovery disk partition. This partition disk contains the digital form of the Windows settings already on your laptop hard disk and will format your laptop to its original form.

  • Step 1- first you will need to do hp computer backup of all the critical files and data you will need later on. Take note of all the essential programs that were installed and other details about the laptop. However, some premium laptops have hp laptop hard drive recovery
  • Step 2- make sure your power adapter is connected and working well. Also, your Internet connection should also be running so that it can download the latest updates.
  • Step 3- Turn on your laptop or restart your HP laptop and keep pressing “F11” repeatedly to enter the Recovery Manager. In the recovery, manager clicks on “System Recovery” from the “I Need Help Immediately” section present in the left panel. Then, click on “Back Up Your Files (Recommended)” and select “Next”. If you took a backup already, then you can skip this.
  • Step 4- now start following the instructions that are being shown on the screen. In the end, the screen will refresh several times when it is in the final stages. Do not turn off your laptop when this process is happening.

Method 2

Previously we discussed how you could recover HP laptop without any recovery CDs. The second method involves the hp recovery media with the help of Recovery CDs. This method is much more comfortable than the previous method for recovering your HP laptop if it has crashed.

  • Step 1- first, you will have to insert the recovery disc into your CD drive and restart your laptop once again.
  • Step 2- The disk which you just entered has the HP Recovery Manager, and it will be eventually displayed on the laptop screen during the restart process.
  • Step 3- Now, once the instructions start to pop up, click on the “System Recovery” link and then “Factory Reset”.
  • Step 4- this step will require you to backup all your valuable data and files that you would need in the future.
  • Step 5- after you have completed all the steps mentioned above, your laptop will enter into the recovery mode and will take a while to recover back to its original status. Do not turn off your computer during the step.

Method 3

This is a more direct solution to the recovery option of your HP laptop. You will be performing an HP system recovery directly from your Windows which must be running on either of the following Windows 7, 8 or 10 versions.

  • Step 1- first open the Start Menu and then click on Recover Manager.
  • Step 2- now, you may be asked to give permission and access. So click on “Yes”.
  • Step 3- immediately, the Recovery Manager console should now open and there click on the System Recovery link.
  • Step 4- on receiving an option “Would you like to restore your computer to its original factory condition?”. You will need to click on “Yes”, then the “Next” button.
  • Step 5- now sit back, and your HP laptop will restart and open another recovery window. Keep following the onscreen instructions to back up your files and complete the process.

Know More About Hp Laptop Recovery

So here are the three methods by which you can make laptop recovery and get your laptop back to its original status. In case you are looking for professional assistance you can call us at our hp laptop support phone number and talk to our team. You can be assured that our expert team of hp laptop support technicians at +18448530222 will resolve your issues within no time.

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